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Molecule to burn belly fat

The molecule in question, stimulate the formation of brown fat, which is a key factor in the mobilization of the fat deposits of white grease, which is preferably located in the belly. Swiss researchers will follow the track to this revolutionary discovery, which could put an end to the fat in your belly.


Indeed, research conducted by Markus Stoffel developed a molecule that activates brown fat, stimulating its formation. It is clear that brown fat or brown is a real fat burning power plant, as it generates a lot of heat, remove from white fat deposited in the body.

Brown fat would be reduced in obese people, this being a decisive factor for overweight, to the extent that the Brown fat is essential so that you can dip into your deposits of white fat, with the consequent loss of weight.

The aforementioned molecule would act at the level of genes that regulate the production of heat and the maintenance of body temperature, before climate change. So it would function as a thermostat to stimulate the formation of Brown fat, contributing to burn your belly fat.

This phenomenon, which is activated by cold in normal issues, is that have forced in laboratory, acting on small pieces of RNA. Developed molecule would interfere on fragments that decode this information, accelerate the cellular metabolism with the formation of Brown adipocytes, as do low temperatures.

For now, a promising hope it could help you to burn belly fat, perhaps forever.

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