Milk diet to burn fat

Milk is one of the most controversial foods in diets for weight loss. However, various research has shown that the extra consumption of calcium helps burn fat. This is so, there is a milk diet, based on the properties of calcium-rich foods for weight loss. Learn how to lose weight with the milk diet and ends with your extra kilos.

milk diet

The properties of the milk diet, far from being valued, have been questioned repeatedly. Nevertheless, the milk does not fatten you. In fact, one liter of milk, even whole, does not contain a lot of calories.

In effect, the calories in a glass of partly skimmed milk equivalent to less than half, of which contains the same amount of orange juice. In addition, its rich content of calcium helps you burn fat more easily.

Hence, supported in these evidences, the milk diet proposed exclusive consumption of 1½ to 3 liters of milk for a couple of days. During the two days following, the milk is replaced by 1 kg of cottage cheese or 5 curdled or a combination of both.

The milk diet to burn fat is spread over a week. But the last three days the milk is no longer the main character, to make way for the consumption of fruits, vegetables and lean meats in moderate portions.

Moreover, if you have problems with constipation, weight loss with diet of milk, will help to stabilize your intestinal transit.

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