Meet the Spark plan to lose weight in 28 days

There are many diets that you can lend a hand, but to do so you need to know them all. Therefore, this time we provide information about Spark plan for weight loss in 28 days. This plan is combination of a 1,500-calorie diet with high content of carbohydrates, along with regular physical activity.

spark plan

The best ways to choose a diet to lose weight is to know it thoroughly to find no surprises. It’s important to know what it is, what its benefits are and what its side effects. Here you will find all the information regarding Spark Diet Plan.

What is the Spark plan?
The Spark plan was created by Chris Downie. The goal is to lose weight more quickly, but with a slightly hypocaloric diet.

What features does this diet?

  • The Spark plan is a program that combines a low-calorie diet (providing 1500 calories) with a plan of physical exercises.
  • The distribution of nutrients is as follows: Total calories 1500. 57% corresponds to carbohydrates, 18% fat and 25% corresponds to the proteins. Also, this diet provides about 3500mg sodium. These 1500 calories spread over 4 meals.
  • Rich in fiber, while provides 38grams of fiber.
  • It is a structured and planned diet, therefore it can be easy to follow for those who tend to have a disorganized power.
  • One of the objectives of this plan is that you can change incorrect eating habits, as for example to replace french fries or snacks high in fat by unsalted sunflower seeds or almonds.
  • Two of the props of this plan are the fitness to increase the caloric expense, and the relaxation to reduce the anxiety and/or the stress.
  • It is not expensive diet, since there is a book that develops the diet and that it is necessary to acquire, it has no commercial products that complement it.
  • The creator of this diet proposes to discuss developments and questions in a forum, in which you can share how you will with this diet, as well as recipes.
  • As the latest most popular diets such as the Dukan diet, Spark plan is divided into 4 stages with well-defined objectives.

Stages of the Spark diet

Step 1. The objective of this stage is that you set your own goals. Tips and hints are provided to get you started the diet.

Step 2. At this stage it is important that you change incorrect eating habits for healthy habits. At this stage it is important that you already incorporating physical activity.

Step 3. The main feature of this stage is to share your progress or your concerns with others who are doing the diet. The important thing is containment.

Step 4. During this stage it is important to keep the changes in lifestyle to maintain your weight.

What are the benefits of Spark plan?
This plan may be a viable option for both to lose weight to control other risk factors such as diabetes (always controlling the amount of carbohydrates you need to consume daily and given medication you take or you apply) or dyslipidemia.

What risks can have this diet?
So far there is no evidence showing that the Spark plan cause serious adverse health effects. However, if you have a condition associated with obesity always advisable to consult with your doctor. This is especially important if you suffer from hypertension, since this diet has a high sodium intake.

Keep in mind that it is always advisable to consult a doctor, because each body responds differently compared to the same diet.

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