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Mango and ginger to deflate the belly

There are certain fruits and medicinal plants that help you flatten your belly. Within these natural products is mango and ginger, with which you can make a smoothie naturally. If you want to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory, do not miss this recipe.

mango and ginger smoothie

Mango is a fruit with slimming properties, but beyond them this fruit can help you deflate the belly, how? Through its detoxifying properties. The mango has enzymes that prevent the accumulation of toxic substances in the intestine, therefore promotes intestinal motility, which helps to shrink your belly. Also, this fruit stimulates the elimination of liquids, which also helps to subside.

As for the ginger, this plant is traditionally used to improve digestion, which also helps to reduce swelling belly.

On the other hand, if to this one liquefied you add grapefruit; will get bigger and better results to flatten the belly, since it has fat burning properties and diuretic.


  • 2 diced mangoes.
  • 1 grapefruit peeled and sectioned.
  • 2 teaspoons ginger root.


  1. Place the mango and grapefruit in a blender and process until both fruits well blended.
  2. Once ready the liquid, add the ginger, processed by a minute and add crushed ice, if desired.

This smoothie can drink, preferably at breakfast; although you can also take it at another time of the day.

Although this Smoothie itself just won’t lose weight, if you join a diet low in calories, not only you will get properties to subside, but also other benefits for losing weight, such as its low calorie, antioxidant benefits and satisfying properties.

It may even be useful to treat constipation, a condition that sometimes goes along the overweight.

Remember that the best way to lose weight is to take advantage of the slimming properties of certain foods that, integrated into a diet are the basis for lose weight in a healthy way.

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