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Making light yogurt in thermomix

Yogurt is a high protein food that not only helps you lose weight, but you can burn fat faster. So if you want to make your weight loss properties, you can make light yogurt in Thermomix. If you want to know how, do not miss this article.

light yogurt

Among the foods that can help burn fat, is the yogurt. This food of animal origin has natural components that help you lose weight. Moreover, milk substitute which provides similar nutrients and is easier to digest.

Therefore, you can take advantage of all these benefits and prepare homemade yogurt in form and in a different way, with thermomix. This yogurt has a special feature; this is a yogurt of liquid consistency, also known as drinkable yogurt.

How to make light yogurt in Thermomix?


  • 1 liter skimmed milk
  • 150 gr. Stevia powder or sucralose
  • 3 lemons.


  1. Places the sweetener in the thermomix bottle and processed by 10 seconds on speed 8, so that it may be crushed.
  2. Once done, cut the lemons in fourth (do not remove the skin) and add them to the glass with milk.
  3. Gives 3 or 4 beats of turbo for less than 2 seconds. Strained and served very cold.

If you see that milk is separated, do not worry, just shake and go.

This drinkable yogurt is very easy to prepare, and in just a few minutes you have list a drink that replaces the milk, which helps you burn fat and lose weight. On the other hand, this yogurt presents other slimming properties, such as for example improves digestion and accelerates the intestinal transit, as the yogurt acts on the intestinal flora by stimulating the cleansing of the body.

Also, this drink you can consume as a snack, especially if you feel hungry, and it also provide satiety.

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