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Magnetic ring to lose weight: miracle or deception?

Have you heard of the magnetic ring to lose weight? What do you think? Are magnets useful for weight loss? How does biomagnetism work to lose weight? Together we will analyze if it is a miracle or one more trick to losing weight.

magnetic ring to lose weight

Biomagnetism to lose weight

The biomagnetism is the sensitivity and reactivity to have your body to a magnetic field. In this sense, it is a physical fact, although the alternative technique that uses it as therapy has not been scientifically proven and therefore, is far from irrefutable.

In fact, in spite of medical biomagnetism, it is used at present like therapy in the treatment of various diseases; it is not possible to guarantee that magnets work for weight loss. Specifically, medical biomagnetism is a therapeutic method that precisely consists of the use of magnets.

It is part of the idea that the different health disorders, cause ionic alterations that can be detected and corrected by magnets. For such reason, said magnets are placed at certain points of the body, for some minutes, to correct the distortions of the pH.

In relation to its application to lose weight, it is argued that the negative magnetic field is alkalizing and therefore reduces the fat deposits to neutralize its acidity. In addition, the magnets would regulate three other factors that are uncontrollable along with the weight: blood pressure, cholesterol and glycemia.

How does the magnetic ring work to lose weight?

In any case, you will be interested to know how this ring works to lose weight. Well, apparently all your effort to get online would be in vain, judging by what promises the application of these simple rings to lose weight.

The slimming rings are placed on the big toes of your feet. It is a pair of silicone rings that have some magnets. These magnets, as their manufacturers point out that it emits powerful negative magnetic waves that would improve your metabolism, stimulating the burning of fats.

To do this it must be placed so that the magnets are under the finger and in the middle. It should be borne in mind that its relationship with a supposed Japanese method or technique to lose weight is not entirely clear. Beyond that as in passing, it is mentioned that it stimulates acupuncture points, activating areas that are not normally used while walking.

Where are magnets placed to lose weight?

While these magnetic silicone rings of which have spoken are placed in the big toes, it is not the only location for which weight loss magnets are commercialized.

You can also find in the market for weight loss products, other magnets that are applied to the ear. In this case, two magnets are placed in the left ear every day for 30 minutes. It ensures that this treatment that uses the different point of auriculotherapy and extends for six weeks would have powerful satisfying effects.

Finally, if you go to a therapist who applies medical biomagnetism to lose weight, they will place the magnets at different points of your stomach, during several sessions in order to correct the acid distortions of your pH that prevent you from losing weight.

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