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Losing weight and control our diet eating everything

Going hungry and not eating when we start a diet is something of the past, a myth we left behind to move to the next stage: dieting eating everything. So, an investigation directed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has shown, in mice, diets cared for or followed rigorously with all kinds of food in their programs have better outcomes than prohibitive diets.

eating everything in diet

The study showed that the intake of all kinds of food and therefore a high fat diet favored the loss of body weight. This was shown in a study in mice, creating two groups. The first was a group of mice with a controlled diet and with all types of food and the second group did not have any dietary program. The result was that mice in the second group did not reflect any change in the loss of body weight.

This effect is due to the human body circadian metabolism. That is to say, that the consumption of all kinds of food has more importance than the quantity of consumed fat, since the functioning of human metabolism turns out to be reinforced and one prepares the obesity if we continue a rich diet and an exhaustive programming of the meals.

The study conducted by Oren Froy (Professor, Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition) and Dr. Robert (H.Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment) have shown that the result of this research can be the key to preventing obesity by promoting fat loss. They have also assured that programming each of the meals, without limiting the amount on the daily menu, can be one of the most favorable tools as therapy to prevent obesity in different groups of people, from the youngest to the oldest.

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