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Light soy mayonnaise

Do you like the mayonnaise but the highly caloric options that exist do not catch you? Then you can make your own soy mayonnaise at home. Free of animal ingredients and light. Simply follow the steps and have it ready in minutes.

light soy mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of those elements quite prohibited within a diet. That is, in itself, is quite fat, due to its oil content and also carrying egg, which adds more lipids and calories. But there are good alternatives to implement.

One is the soyanesa, something like a soy mayonnaise, quite easy to prepare, with fewer calories and fat and you can serve in your diet. Obviously, do not abuse it, but you can do in home in a few minutes and enjoy it whenever you want.


  • Half a cup of soy milk
  • Half cup sunflower or olive oil
  • A teaspoon of mustard
  • Salt and pepper.

To prepare this soyanesa, simply place the soy milk in the bowl of the mixer. Then, add the cup of oil and begins to beat. Stir the mustard, which act as an emulsifier and promptly so that you’ll have the mayonnaise when it reaches the required texture.

Season with salt and pepper; add a bit of lemon juice if you liked the fresh touch. So you have a perfect recipe, economical and light to flavor your dishes. You can also add garlic clove to form something like an aioli. Of course, if you want pink sauce, you add light ketchup or a bit of tomato paste. Finally, the variations are endless once you have the base as a starting point.

As mentioned above, even though this option is light, you should not abuse it, because it has enough oil and that translates in fat and calories. Think that each tablespoon of mayonnaise, half is oil. But, in short, is far less heat than a conventional mayonnaise.

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