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Light orange marmalade

The light marmalade always can become great allies when it comes to losing weight, as it reduce the amount of calories with regard to the common sweets. On the basis, a conventional marmalade is made with equal parts of fruit than of sugar. This light orange recipe, completely ignore this product and is delicious anyway. Do you dare to prepare this simple recipe?

orange marmalade


  • One kilo of fresh oranges
  • Half liter of water
  • One tablespoon of agar agar
  • The skin peel of some oranges and a lemon
  • Stevia or sweetener allowed to taste.

Peel the oranges, taking care to do it live. That is, shouldn’t stay any of the white part of the skin attached to the segments. Place the pulp (including the juice that you get) in a saucepan. There adds the grated peel of the skin of some oranges and also of a lemon, in addition to a glass of water. Cook over low heat until everything is tender with a tablespoon of agar agar.

Once the mixture has thickened and (product of agar agar, which can replace by gelatin without flavor) you just have to put out the fire, allow to warm, sweeten to taste with stevia or some other product allowed, save in previously sterilized bottles and take to the refrigerator. So, you have a recipe for orange marmalade light of the richest and very simple.

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