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Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

It is said that physical activity has benefits for weight loss and improve the quality of life, but if you are not a lover of the movement is it possible to lose weight without exercise?, Do not miss this article and find the answer!

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If you need to lose weight, but you’re one of those sedentary to which they do not like or even walk, you might like to know if it is possible to lose weight without exercise.

Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?
The answer is YES. It is possible to lose weight without exercise, since being overweight may be due to a positive balance of calories, that is you eat more calories than you burn. By reducing the intake of foods high in calories, calorie balance becomes negative (spend more calories than you consume), so you lose weight.

Nevertheless, although not strictly necessary exercise to lose weight, has a number of benefits that you should know.

Benefits of exercise for weight loss and improve the quality of life

  • Physical activity increases metabolism, accelerating the combustion process of fats and sugars for energy production. This is reflected in a loss of fat and weight.
  • Physical activity allows you to lose fat without losing muscle, which is important to tone and prevent sagging of the body.
  • Improvement other variables directly related to obesity such as: lower cholesterol and blood triglycerides, improves glucose levels and maintains normal blood pressure values.
  • It strengthens the heart muscles and respiratory system, improving cardiorespiratory function.
  • Prevent atherosclerosis and thrombosis. It reduces the chance that the blood vessels are covered, either by formation of atheroma plaques as for possible blood clots.

In conclusion, if you do want to lose weight with diet only, but physical activity is important to increase your metabolism and improve your quality of life.

Keep in mind that if you’ve been sedentary and want to start an exercise routine, it would be advisable to consult your doctor to assess your cardiovascular health. Do not miss the benefits of exercise to live longer and better!

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