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How to use oil if you’re dieting

Oil is an essential nutrient in the diet to lose weight and so you can learn how to optimize their properties do not miss this note in which you will find information on how to use it.

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If you are dieting is not only important to know what foods to eat but how to manipulate them to get the most out. The oil is a food that you try to avoid on a diet to lose weight, but this is a food with nutritional components essential to health.

So you can get all your benefits to lose weight and not harm your weight loss, it is important to know how to use it.

How to use the oil if you’re dieting?
In the form of seasoning. The oil especially good quality oil, such as olive oil, soybean oil or corn oil; you can use it to dress salads or puree. To do this, once you’ve prepared some of these preparations pour oil to give a special flavor and a different texture to these foods. Even to this oil can add herbs or vegetable, such as oregano, onion, garlic or thyme, among others.

Forming part of a more elaborate meal. If you want to prepare a sauce or stew uses the oil once you have prepared these meals. When ready, add a tablespoon of oil and mix. It will give different consistencies that boost your satiety.

As a means of cooking. If you need to use oil as a means of cooking, use oil spray. This type of oil lubricates the pot, pan or grill you want to use, and give a special flavor to your meals and to prevent sticking or burning.

The oil of good quality is essential for a diet to lose weight and to treat other risk factors, such as hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia. This food contains vitamin E and omega 3 and omega 6, all important compounds for the organism.

It is important to check the amount of oil that you eat and you should post your calories in total calories you can consume daily, taking into account your diet. To do so, the following proportion will help to account for them easily.

1 tablespoon oil provides 108 calories, 12g total fat (it is important to clarify that within these total fat, there are saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats; quantities which vary according to the oil in question).

1 serving cooking spray or oil spray (1 second application) provides 5 calories and 0.6 grams total fat.

The oil is essential because it contains compounds that the body needs to stay healthy. Therefore, if you consider these data you can seize the properties and benefits of the oil, even if you are on a diet to lose weight.

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