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How to use cilantro for lose weight

Losing weight is not the sole purpose of a balanced diet to lose weight. The realization of the same search, also, improves the quality of life. As a result, this produces that unleash better and younger. If you want to know how to do, do not miss this article.


No doubt the cilantro, besides being a great herb in the spectrum culinary, is a good element to lose weight. But do you know how to use it? In this article you will find some ways to exploit it.

The cilantro is very similar, in some ways, the parsley. In fact, if the eye is not quite used to distinguish between them, more than once may be confusing. But, since once in the mouth, the taste of cilantro is usually stronger, more particular. Whereas, it is one of the herbs for excellence of many cuisines throughout the entire globe, has not fared badly.

When using the cilantro in the diet to lose weight, your contribution may become important. To know: has a good diuretic action, essential oils help swollen belly, is an antioxidant and also helps to increase metabolism. For this reason, if you like this grass, do not hesitate to incorporate. In this article you will see how you can.

So you can add the coriander in your diet to lose weight:

Cilantro tea: This is perhaps the classic recipe with which you can use the cilantro. It is prepared according to the modality of the infusion, and you can drink several times a day to avoid fluid retention, swelling of gases and, ultimately, benefit from it.

In smoothies: It is great in smoothies of all kinds, even combining with fruits and vegetables. Does a recommendation? The strawberry and coriander smoothie, where its properties are complemented each other with the rest of the ingredients.

At meals: Of course, do not hesitate to put oil and freshly chopped for salads and all kinds of dishes. You can also use it cooked in sauces (try the cilantro and tomato, Mexican-inspired), soups, stews, etc… Also it can even serve for Dukan diet, as it helps prevent gas and fluid retention, in a regime where virtually all proteins.

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