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How to use cereals on a diet to lose weight

While cereals are food rich in calories, if you use them correctly can help you to lose weight. For this reason, do not miss this note in which you will find information about which cereals to choose, how to use them and how to consume them properly on a diet to lose weight.

cereals on a diet

What cereal to choose?
If you’re on diet, you should choose cereals are those rich in fiber. You must replace refined cereals and their derivatives (white flour, white rice and all its derivatives), of whole grains (oat bran, wheat bran, wheat germ, rye, barley, amaranth flour, chickpea flour, etc.)

While their caloric value does not vary too much, if you modify the contribution of nutrients. Whole grains contain a greater percentage of fiber in some cases essential omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants that favor the loss of weight.

These are the cereals you should choose if you want to lose weight.

How to use cereal to lose weight?
To extract the biggest energy and slimming profit of the cereals you must use them in the breakfast, at midmorning snack and lunch. Cereals will give you the energy required so you can start your day in the best way, also will reduce your appetite and anxiety.

Since you know how to use them, you should know how to eat them daily.

How to consume cereal for weight loss?

  • If you eat at breakfast, a spoonful of cereal is the right portion to mix with milk or yogurt. If you want you can replace these cereals by one or two slices of whole wheat toast. Instead if you eat as a snack, you can choose light cereal bars.
  • If you decide to eat cereal at lunch, you can choose a cup of brown rice or pasta that can mix with fresh or cooked vegetables, meats low in fats (fish, skinless chicken or turkey). If you want to eat a slice of bread, choose those that are high in cereals (rye, wheat bran, oat bran or you can also choose those containing a mixture of whole grains and seeds).
  • Avoid eating cereal at night because your body does not need an energy reserve in this part of the day, unless if you work at night.

If you are on a diet do not be afraid to cereals, these are your allies at the time to have energy and be able to lose weight in a healthy way, in fact these are essential in weight loss diets healthier, such as the Mediterranean diet.

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