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How to take yerba mate to lose weight

You probably know yerba mate. This South American infusion can be very good for losing weight, because it has some characteristics that will help you in your diet. But … Do you know how to take it? Find out more about the benefits of yerba mate.

yerba mate to lose weight

What is yerba mate?
To talk about yerba mate in some parts of South America is to make it one of the most popular infusions that exist. It is a plant whose scientific name is Ilex paraguariensis and consumed more than often in much of the continent. Its flavor is bitter, somewhat astringent, but pleasant. Contains caffeine.

Did you know that you can use yerba mate to lose weight without any problems? In fact, while it will not do miracles on its own, it will surely give you a great hand. Enjoy the benefits of the mate plant!

Do you drink yerba mate?
If you want to know what yerba mate is for on a diet, here are some good reasons to take it.

  • It is diuretic and depurative. Drinking yerba mate is great for helping your kidneys to work better and faster. And, on the other hand, it is also perfect for those who do not have the intestinal regularity they need to better purify their body. A double effect that is never too much on a diet.
  • Increases energy expenditure. Taking yerba mate gives energies and helps to speed up the metabolism, especially when consumed in the mornings. Very good for breakfasts.
  • It is good for inhibit the appetite. One of the best effects of the yerba mate is that it is great to fool the stomach. It has the ability to make you feel satisfied, fulfilling a certain inhibition of the appetite.
  • It has no significant calories. Does the yerba mate fatten? Only if you take it with sugar, because like almost all infusions, the calories of the yerba mate are not significant.

How to take yerba mate
The benefits of taking yerba mate and you know them. Now it is the time to learn how to prepare the yerba mate drink.

In infusion. If you just want to enjoy the herb in a cup, you only have to calculate one tablespoon of the herb for each cup of hot water to prepare the matte tea. Let stand for a few minutes, then strain and drink: ready your yerba mate. You should always take it without sugar. At best, with some no-calorie sweetener if you find it too strong.

Yerba mate water. Prepare the infusion as you have just seen, but like to make a liter. Let cool or serve with plenty of ice, mint or fresh peppermint and a little lemon juice. It is very refreshing to take as water of time.

In shakes or smoothies. To the drink that you have prepared in infusion, already cold, you can use it like liquid to mix with fruits and vegetables in shakes, without any type of problems.

Some additional recommendations
Be careful, it has caffeine. You should keep in mind that this drink is stimulating and that, like tea and coffee, it has caffeine as an alkaloid within its chemical composition.

You may feel sick to your stomach. By having a certain astringency, the yerba mate and its tannins can make you feel medium heavy stomach, even generating acidity to those who not been sitting very well.

Do not do it with very hot water. Yerba mate, when prepared with boiling water, it is very bitter, astringent and strong. It is best to take it as if it were a tea with the water around the 80° Celsius.

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