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How to take magnesium chloride to lose weight

Magnesium chloride is an old home remedy that has gained prominence in recent times, for the benefits of making its use as a supplement. However, even in the case of a component present in the body, it is necessary to know when and how to take magnesium chloride to lose weight, without risks. Look for the answers in this article.

magnesium chloride

Slimming with magnesium chloride is not a panacea. However, while magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, its use as a supplement to help you lose weight, if the cause of your overweight is the stress and anxiety.

In this case, consumption of magnesium chloride could also help to shrink the stomach, releasing flatulence digestive system, so common in the anxiety states. This thanks to its combined effects for weight loss.

How to prepare magnesium chloride diet?

  1. Boil a quart of water and let cool.
  2. Once cold, packed in glass bottle.
  3. Dissolved in the same 30 gm of magnesium chloride.
  4. Well kept covered in the refrigerator. It will exhaust you for 10 days.

How to take magnesium chloride diet?

  • The dose of magnesium chloride to lose weight is 3 gm dissolved in 100 cm³ of water, approximately ½ cup or a small bowl of this prepared.
  • Take this dose once daily, preferably in the morning, after breakfast. It is important to have breakfast before, to avoid adverse effects.

When taking magnesium chloride diet?
The magnesium chloride may be useful for weight loss if:

  • You’re a compulsive eater, eat by stress or anxiety and tend to accumulate belly.
  • You are slow and heavy digestions or indigestion after eating.
  • DO NOT consume if you have diarrhea or kidney problems.

You can also buy it in tablets. In any case you first consult your doctor.

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