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How to prepare sweet food without adding calories

If you like sweet foods but have one extra pound, do not despair thinking that you can not eat something sweet. You can do it, just need to know how to prepare these recipes without adding calories. Do not miss these tips to eat without guilt.

prepare sweet food

Overweight and sweet food cravings have a very strong association. If you feel at any time of the day you can not take away a sweet of your mind, you must use certain tricks that allow you to eat without guilt.

How to prepare sweet foods without adding calories?

Replace sugar with sweetener. The best known is replace sugar with sweetener, stevia or sucralose usually with which you can cook. With these you can make puddings, cakes, mousse, etc.

Includes fruit to your dessert. By including fruit desserts do not need to add sugar, as these foods contain natural sugars. You can prepare fruit salads, fruit pies, ice cream, ices, etc. These fruits not only provide the sweet taste your desserts but add fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Replace the cream mike with 0% fat white cheese. This is excellent replacement for not add calories or fat. With white cheese can prepare light whipped cream.

Includes spices. Take advantage of the flavoring properties of certain plants, such as cinnamon, ginger or mint. In all these three cases, do not provide calories, have many benefits for weight loss and can prepare desserts or sweet foods very tasty.

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Replaces regular sweet by low sweet in sugar. Even can prepare yourself, using different fruits, such as strawberries, peaches, blueberries, figs, etc. The fruit you need to prepare them only. Not even need to add sugar but you wish, or you can replace sugar with sweetener.

Obviously other suggestion you may already know is to replace whole milk for skim milk. In addition to these tips, you can have on hand that will help others, not so much to subtract calories, but healthier to cook and have a healthier diet.

Tricks to healthy eating

  • Replace chocolate sprinkles with nuts or dried fruits.
  • Replace white flour for whole grains.
  • Add seeds to your desserts.
  • Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate.

We hope all these tips and tricks to help you prepare desserts with fewer calories and healthier.

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