How to lose weight and look younger

Losing weight is not the sole purpose of a balanced diet to lose weight. The realization of the same search, also, improves the quality of life. As a result, this produces that unleash better and younger. If you want to know how to do, do not miss this article.

balanced diet

Change your habits and improve your quality of life is reflected in your appearance. Not only look thinner, but also look younger. If you want to make look good on the outside and inside, you can do it, how? Through a special diet.

This diet should contain, especially foods rich in antioxidants, such as the resveratrol. According to some scientific studies, it was found that regular consumption of foods containing the natural antioxidant, improve quality of life, as well as double the life expectancy.

In addition to resveratrol, there are also other important antioxidants that are especially vegetables and fruits. Moreover, we suggest lowering the consumption of red meat and increased intake of fish, as well as increase the consumption of nuts and avoid snacks high in fat and sugars.

While these are recommendations, which surely know, in this example of diet you can find a guide to follow, and prepare your own menu to lose weight and look better.

Sample diet to lose weight and improve quality of life

Breakfast: 1 low-fat Greek yogurt with a tablespoon blueberry. 2 slices bread with 0% cheese smoothie.

Mid Morning: ½ cup grapes.

Lunch: Drink 2 glasses water before eating. 1 grilled fish fillet with vegetable salad (mixed vegetables of different colors). 1 fresh fruit.

Snack: 1 glass ginger and mango smoothie.

Mid-afternoonn: 1 handful almonds or walnuts.

Dinner: Drink 2 glasses of water before eating. Brown rice with peas. 1 tomato cut into slices (seasoned with olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, oregano and garlic). 1 fresh fruit.

This sample menu is not only hypocaloric, but that includes natural antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals that enhance cellular activity, increasing the combustion of fats and avoiding the action of harmful substances, such as the free radicals.

It is important that this diet along with taking part in any activity that helps reduce stress and anxiety.

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