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How to lose belly with Boldo tea

Good for the liver, Boldo tea is excellent for lower belly. No wonder, since the choleretic and cholagogue properties, Boldo infusions added diuretic properties, ideal for deflating belly. Find out how to lose the belly with Boldo tea and recovers your flat stomach.

Boldo leaf

The pace of modern life, long hours sitting in the studio or office and fast food difficult to digest, determine that more and more people suffer from digestive problems that are accompanied by an annoying and unpleasant belly, whether or not overweight.

If this is your case, the solution is not to observe a starvation diet. You can lose your belly in no time if you enter your daily menu, consumption Boldo infusions. Such are their properties for lower belly, which has even created a Boldo Tea Diet.

However, do not abuse its consumption, as its contraindications and side effects should be taken into account to avoid unpleasant consequences. In addition, the toxicity of boldina, by its action on the nervous system, can not be taken lightly.

In any case to lower belly with Boldo tea, you can simply take a cup every morning before breakfast, for a week. The better if you add the juice of half a lemon.

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