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How to lose 5 kg of fat in a month

Without doubt, the best way to lose 5 kg of fat in a month is a balanced diet, accompanied by an exercise routine. The reason is that so, not only will you lose weight without starving, but in addition, avoid flaccidity. But, how to do to burn these 5 kilos of fat. If you have a couple of minutes, we discuss it in this article.

lose 5 kg of fat in a month

The strict diets can lose many pounds, by reducing the intake to a minimum. However, when you submit to a diet of this type to lose 5 kg or more, not only lose fat, also lose lean body mass, i.e. muscle.

The result is that you reduce your size, but increase your flab. For this reason, if you are interested not only lose weight, but look good, the alternative is not exclusively by a diet to lose 5 kg.

To burn 5 kg of fat per month, you need to combine a hypocaloric diet but balanced, with daily physical activity of moderate intensity. Keep in mind that with only 500 calories reduce your daily intake of calories, you’re already losing 500 grams per week.

If you add to that a little exercise to burn another 500 calories a day, lose a kilo a week, without a strict diet or intensive training. Everything you do in additionally to burn fat for the next 30 days, you will realize your goal of losing 5 kg in just one month.

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