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How to clean the colon and lose weight naturally

To start a diet to lose weight naturally, it is important that detoxify your body. So if you want to know how to clean the colon, do not miss this note in which you’ll find food that refine your body and burn fat.

Why is it important to purify your body?
The colon is the last portion of the large intestine, and one of its functions is related to the accumulation of residues of the food that we’ve eaten.

cleanse the colon

Therefore, if our intestinal transit is inadequate, this waste can harm our normal functioning of the digestive and threaten the process of weight loss.

To prevent constipation, it is important to know how to clean the colon, through the consumption of certain foods that have the property to purify the body and also enhances fat burning.

Food to cleanse the colon
While there are commercial products that promote colon cleansing, certain foods can help to clean the bowel and lose weight naturally.

This vegetable is not only low in calories, it contains a high percentage of fiber and nutrients that stimulate liver and gallbladder functions, improving intestinal transit and enhancing natural colon cleansing.

This fruit has fiber which stimulates peristalsis, without irritating it; helping to eliminate toxins and promote weight loss. Moreover, this food has negative calories that help to burn fat faster.

Grape juice
Grapes stimulate the body purifying processes. To do this, you can drink half a liter of diluted grape juice (half grapefruit juice, half water), distributed throughout the day. The components of the grapes will help to clean the colon, preparing the body to make a diet that will allow losing weight naturally.

This food has the property of purifying the body. Not only has diuretic properties, it activates the secretion of bile acids that improve the digestion of fats.

This vegetable usually is used as a condiment; it has cleansing properties as diuresis and stimulates intestinal transit. This vegetable has laxative effect that can help cleanse the colon and remove toxins that build up in it.

These foods, in addition to consume fresh or different foods, you can also combine them to prepare smoothies and/or liquefied favoring further colon cleansing, because it has a high percentage of water (the water stimulates the intestinal transit) it reduces the unflaming effect of the fiber and improves digestive processes, since the food contained within the liquefied are subdivided.

If you need to purify your body and to burn fats, this food can favor both natural processes. However, remember to consult with your doctor before consuming any or all of these foods.

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