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How to add eggs to a light breakfast

Even though there are different alternatives of diets to lose weight, if you want to add fullness and proteins to your diet will tell you how to add egg to a light breakfast.

light breakfast with egg

Nobody can deny that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With it you get enough to start your daily tasks energy, and this is important even if you are on a diet. Besides incorporating foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as fruits, nuts or seeds, it is also important to incorporate protein-rich foods.

Generally proteins are represented by milk, cheese or yogurt. Nevertheless, the egg is the food with high biological value of proteins; and while in many parts of the world is part of breakfast, in others not. Therefore, to be able to use all its nutritional and slimming properties will tell you how to add it to a light breakfast.

In principle it is to know a little more about the nutrition of the egg.

Nutritional information of egg (1 egg weighs about 50 gm)

  • Calories per egg: 72 calories.
  • Proteins: 6.28 gm
  • Fats: 4.78 gm (Contributes unsaturated, saturated fats and cholesterol)
  • Minerals: Iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, among others.
  • Vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and others.

Now that you know what nutrients it provides, it is important to know which properties can bring you to your light breakfast.

Benefits of the egg to light breakfast

  • The egg provides satiety, especially if you eat it in the form of hard boiled egg. This fullness reduces your appetite, which decreases the intake of food throughout the day.
  • The contribution of proteins of the egg white is ideal for those who need or want to lose weight with protein diets. The contribution of proteins “requires” the body to take power of the body’s adipose tissue, which increases metabolism and lose fat and weight.
  • It is a ideal food for kids who need to lose weight, but that at the same time can not be neglected their growth and development.

Now that you know your benefits, you will surely be interested to know how to consume it so that it is actually a light breakfast.

How to add eggs to a light breakfast?
The important thing is that do not use butter or oil to cook. If you want to cook it to the pan use cooking spray. Another way to add egg, is to do it in the form of hard boiled egg, poached egg or scrambled (remember do not use oil or butter to cook it).

You can also incorporate it into smoothies or shakes (although you should keep in mind that the egg is very fresh, to avoid contamination by salmonella). For those people who are overweight and hypercholesterolemia, it is suggested to consume egg daily and whole egg not more than 3 times a week (the yolk contains some cholesterol, while the white is pure protein).

Similarly, it is important to clarify that exists in the market eggs with added omega-3 (although these eggs are usually a little more expensive, provide essential fatty acids for those who have to watch their cholesterol and/or triglycerides).

If you want to take advantage of a different way to incorporate the egg to your light breakfast, do not miss this example.

Example of light breakfast with egg

  • A glass of organic soy yogurt.
  • Two slices of toasted rye bread.
  • A boiled egg enriched with omega-3.
  • A fresh seasonal fruit.

As you can see this example of breakfast is very simple and does not require great preparations, but provide many nutrients and benefits that make it an ideal slimming breakfast. Remember, do not forget breakfast. It is essential to lose weight and be well.

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