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How sugar affects your weight

Sugar is one of the most popular foods that exist to sweeten foods and beverages. While this seems harmless since it is only used to flavor, behind the sugar there is much more to know. In fact, it is one of the first foods that are removed from diets to lose weight. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is interesting to know how influences on weight and why prohibits its consumption if you are on a diet.

sugar affects weight

Sugar is the everyday form of naming the sucrose. This is obtained from the sugar cane and sugar beet. This type of sugar, although it maintains the ability to sweeten foods and beverages, has lost the micronutrients which could be beneficial for the body. White sugar is refined sugar, as opposed to black or blond sugar.

Although white sugar is the most popular sweetener, it influences not only on the weight, promoting overweight, but about other diseases such as hypertriglyceridemia and diabetes. The use of sugar is not one minor issue, why it is prohibited in the diets to lose weight.

Sugar, although it may not seem provides calories that seem to be unnoticed in a meal or a drink, but which combined with the calories of various foods, can lead to overweight. On the other hand, sugar, found in a large number of industrialized products in general as e.g. kneaded of pastry, bread, cookies, desserts, soft drinks, etc. This further influences in your diet, since its hidden calories, which you don’t have in mind, but they are.

Also, excess sugar that you consume daily, either as sugar itself or which form part of different preparations, builds up in the blood, and can be converted to fat, enhances even more overweight, and the probability of suffering from pharmacotherapy and/or diabetes.

Sugar consumption is prohibited within a diet to lose weight, because it is the gateway to endanger the diet, and the appearance of diseases such as metabolic syndrome, which includes many metabolic diseases.

Sugar is not an ideal food to lose weight. Therefore, replace the sweetener such as stevia, sucralose or other artificial sweeteners.

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