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How does being overweight affect fertility?

Today one of the great scourges with which society has to deal is being overweight. This situation brings about other complications, such as infertility. To try to clarify this unintended consequence, in this article you will find information about how being overweight affects fertility and what the relationship between sex hormones and adipose tissue is.

overweight affect fertility

Since there is no dispute that obesity and overweight is an epidemic that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world.

This is not only aesthetically million people out of weight, but it goes beyond that. Obesity can result in many health complications, including infertility.

How does being overweight affect fertility?
To allow the conception of a baby must have in mind many hormonal factors, which in turn are closely associated with adipose tissue especially if it’s sex hormones. Apparently hormone levels are both treated female hormones and male hormones are related to the amount of body fat or adipose tissue.

Moreover, it is known that people who suffer from metabolic syndrome have a lower fertility rate. Metabolic syndrome and obesity or overweight are closely related, because glucose that the body cannot use as fuel, is used for the formation of adipose tissue.

Being overweight can affect the female hormonal cycle, either through lack of menstrual cycle as irregular cycles or cycles longer than usual. In all these cases, female fertility is disrupted and can influence the probability of getting pregnant.

These ovulatory disorders are more common than thought, affecting about 20-40% of women. The good news is that losing weight and being adequately addressed these disorders, the chance of pregnancy increases.

Besides these factors must be taken into account other that relate overweight and infertility, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, known by the SOP acronym. In this case, the cysts form brings about fertility problems and overweight.

While in the latter case obesity is not the cause of the reduction of fertility, both diseases (SOP and overweight) are related.

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