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Hibiscus against the effects of obesity

As you may already know, the hibiscus also known as Jamaica flower is an ornamental plant that also has been valued for its many medicinal properties. So much so that recent investigations realize new benefits against different side effects of obesity.

Jamaica flower to lose weight

Maybe you’ve heard about the effects of Jamaica flower to lose weight. the hibiscus is not limited to its ornamental role since the Jamaica flower, as also it is known, has been used as water, both in the form of infusion for weight loss.

But their benefits do not end there. A research of the Institute of Molecular Biology and cell of the University of Elche is making interesting findings about this variety of scientific name Hibiscus sabdariffa, commonly known as pink or Jamaica flower.

This beautiful flower, probably appreciated for its decorative qualities, it is the source of a statement that would be very effective in countering various diseases related to obesity. In any case, the study in question, applied this extract to obese mice that experienced a noticeable weight loss, on the order of 20%, after several weeks of treatment. Something that may not surprise you, given the cleansing and diuretic hibiscus properties.

However, the promising results of these studies also mobilized other agencies and companies interested in developing the product for marketing, from its human trial. From there it was applied in obese, demonstrating its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure and diabetes.

Anyway, it is planned to continue these studies in the current year, and if all goes as expected, the hibiscus extract would lead to the production of an effective supplement against a diversity of diseases associated with obesity such as hypertension, fatty liver and type 2 diabetes, among others.

However, it is clear that the supplement of Jamaica flower extract just be launched in mid-2014, so for the moment, you will have to wait to take advantage with its consumption.

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