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Green smoothie diet with fatty liver

The shakes can be very good for losing weight. Even when you suffer from fatty liver. This combination of raw vegetables and fruit juices can be a good way to do it.

green smoothie

Relationship between fatty liver and overweight
We know how complicated it can be to suffer from fatty liver. The condition of this disease, also known as steatosis, is usually closely linked to being overweight. And also significantly limits the amount of things that we can eat. Therefore, the best way to fight it is losing weight and giving the liver the necessary elements so that it is purified.

A good way to do this is to start with this green smoothie, which is great against fatty liver and also has ingredients that can get you to do well both to take your weight off, such as to improve the condition of the liver. Just follow the steps proposed in this recipe and so can enjoy it without any problems.

Green smoothie recipe

  • Servings: 1
  • Calories: 120, approximately.
  • Ingredients:

    • A bunch of spinach
    • A bunch of arugula (can be replaced with chicory or radicchio)
    • One carrot
    • One beetroot
    • One tablespoon of oat bran
    • two grapefruit juice
    • Two orange juice
    • Water (if necessary).


    • Wash well the green leaves, drain and place in the bowl of a mixer. There also adds carrot and beetroot, peeled and raw both, cut into small pieces.
    • Now is the turn of adding oat bran, grapefruit and the orange juice. Begins to process and if you saw that has little fluid, incorporates a little water.
    • Once the smoothie is completely homogeneous and without lumps, will be ready to be drunk.
    • Ideally, you take it on an empty stomach, at which point the body to better receive the supernal nutrients from this recipe.

    What benefits hast this smoothie?
    For starters, raw vegetables and greens are the best foods available both to lose weight to fight fatty liver. It provides fiber, vitamins and nutrients of all kinds, in its purest form.

    Oat bran is great to cleanse the body. Meanwhile, citrus juice is fat burning and always good for the liver.

    More dietary recommendations
    No saturated fats, fried foods or alcohol. Eat few meat, many fruits and vegetables, especially raw and green leaves. Always prefer the integral over refinement. Drink lots of water and exercise daily.

    Do not take large portions and, instead, try to have five more balanced meals throughout the day. All this will help reduce your fatty liver problems and also to lose weight.

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