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Fruit and vegetable diet: side effects

Fruit and vegetable diet is a diet rich in fiber, although it has many benefits for losing weight and staying healthy, may also have certain side effects such as bloating.

fruit and vegetable diet

Both vegetables and fruits are important properties for weight loss: it is low calorie foods with high percentage of water (which provides greater satiety), and a high amount of fiber. This fiber is which gives you the depurative and detoxifying properties of fruits and vegetables, but it can also cause certain side effects that may hinder your weight loss process. One of the side effects is the most common abdominal swelling.

Why abdominal swelling occurs if eat lots of fruits and vegetables?

  • The intestine is not trained to digest and metabolize the insoluble fiber (cellulose), preferably located in the skin of fruits and leafy vegetables. This, plus the unusual consumption of vegetables and fruits causes extra work in the body, which by the desire to metabolize said fiber, causes more gas and bloating.
  • Moreover, the soluble fiber (hemicellulose, starch, mucilage, etc.) present in fruits and vegetables generally has the ability to absorb water and increase in volume, which causes swelling and higher swelling.

Sometimes these symptoms may be accompanied by diarrhea with or without tummy pain, as well as constipation may also be present or constipation, discomfort by swelling of abdomen.

In either case, it is possible to reverse the situation. In addition to go to the doctor to find the cause of this problem; from the dietary point of view, you can include fruits and vegetables to your diet to lose weight, but progressively.

How it works?

  • Well, begins during a week consuming skinless fruits and vegetables without stalk cooking. Only cooked! This way your digestive system work less, you get the benefits of these diet foods, and avoid the bloating.
  • After expiry of the seven days, begins to incorporate fruits and vegetables, raw but grated. You be attentive to as your organism reacts. If all goes well, you can continue the progression and the next week eat as much fruit as raw vegetables but cut into small pieces and chewed well. Chewing plays a very important role, since the first digestion begins in the mouth.

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