Food for weight loss

Foods that refine the waist

With the arrival of summer, you surely want to look good, reduce inches in your abdomen and tune your waist. To do this, you need to consider certain foods in your diet. Be sure to know what these foods!

If you want to be ready to enjoy the summer and your next holiday be sure to keep in mind that there are foods that sharpen your waist and reduce inches from your abdomen.


Foods that refine the waist

Light Yogurt: This plant food is more easily digested than milk, so it may be a better alternative for those suffering from intolerance in the milk. Yogurt promotes intestinal flora, reducing inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. On the other hand, increases the intestinal transit, eliminating toxic substances or waste that may interfere with normal intestinal peristalsis.

Another food is pineapple, which can be consumed in various forms including infusion. The pineapple tea has diuretic, laxative and reduce inflammation. Keep in mind; you can also consume fresh pineapple, which also brings these benefits.

Incorporates kiwi to your diet. This result is not only very low in calories but contains fiber and antioxidants (vitamin C), which increases the burning of fat. It is important that it present that vitamin C promotes the formation of L Carnitine, a natural substance that helps reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

Condiments such as pepper, ginger and cinnamon, are ideal to reduce inches around the waist, as these foods contain organic compounds that burn fat and decrease abdomen.

Fish: There are different types of fish, but they all possess compounds that can promote weight loss. Moreover, it is a high protein food that increases fat burning.

These are just some foods and while these alone can not perform miracles, if you incorporate a diet to lose weight, their properties will be enhanced, so that you can lose weight, remove fat and reduce inches in waist.

Remember that every metabolism is different and everyone reacts differently. Therefore, if your intention is to lose weight, be sure to consult your doctor, so that together can develop a customized diet for your needs.

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