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Essential oils that help you lose weight

If you need to lose weight there are many natural resources that you can use to achieve this. In addition to the diet, massage and physical activity, you can also draw on certain essential oils. These oils provide properties that allow you to lose weight effectively.


The aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that can give benefits to supplement your diet treatment. There are several essential oils, whose properties exert a slimming effect on the body in different ways.

What essential oils help you to lose weight?

Grapefruit: Grapefruit essential oil helps you to burn fat faster. To obtain these benefits can be used internally and externally. Internally you can drink a glass of water with a drop of essential oil in an empty stomach. In outward form this oil can be applied in areas with adiposity.

Lavender: The Lavender essential oil helps reduce nervous anxiety, which can manifest as anxiety about food. For these properties, as with grapefruit essential oil, you can add 1 drop in a glass of water and drink when you feel anxious.

Lemon: This essential oil helps to detoxify the body and remove waste from the body. Even in addition to consuming it in the same way than the rest, can use externally on the abdomen and massage it to improve the intestinal transit and increase diuresis.

In addition to these essential oils there are others such as Sage oil, which improves circulation, rose oil which is purifying and white birch oil that helps to remove accumulated liquids.

In all cases, the essential oils can give you slimming benefits, but you must be prudent in their use because excessive drinking can cause adverse effects, such as: liver and kidney problems. Moreover its use is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Remember that alternative therapies can be very helpful, but you need to get medical consent all its virtues and avoid side effects.

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