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Endobarrier: Device for treating obesity and diabetes

Surgeries to lose weight have been important in the treatment of obesity, such there are many new techniques being developed. This is the case of Endobarrier, a device that avoids digesting food and enhance the production of insulin.


When diet and exercise are not alternative for weight loss and treat some complications of obesity, as for example diabetes comes into play the world of surgeries for weight loss. There are different treatments such as gastric bypass, gastric band and MetaboShield that can treat obesity through different techniques.

Today adds more technical, Endobarrier. What it is?
The Endobarrier is a new procedure that is performed endoscopically and has similar effects to bariatric surgery.

What is the Endobarrier?
This technique involves placing a stent is placed in the first portion of the small intestine (bowel portion followed by the stomach and responsible for the absorption of many nutrients that are found in foods).

The placement of this prosthesis restricts the absorption of nutrients, like gastric bypass, but presents certain advantages over the already known techniques.

Endobarrier Benefits

  • It is a minimally invasive technique, since this device is placed laparoscopically, and in just 20 minutes.
  • Recovery is faster and less painful. The patient is admitted only 24 hours.
  • Decreased risk of infection is reduced.
  • The treatment has a duration time of only 12 months. After one year has elapsed, the device is removed.

This treatment is indicated for patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 31 – 37, as well as patients who are overweight to type 2 diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes.

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