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Eggplant shake for weight loss

The eggplant can be part of a shake for weight loss without any problem. You can try this recipe, where it is mixed with vegetable milk, lemon, seeds and more. Very good for weight loss.

eggplant shake

The eggplant probably be one of the best plant when help to lose weight. Why? By its various properties, ranging from being low in calories, even rich in fibers and diuretic properties, excluding its nutritional content. Moreover, it is easy to incorporate into recipes of all kinds. For this reason, eating regularly is not a bad idea.

But not only can you enjoy it in the different cooking light recipes that have as an ingredient. You can also use it in a smoothie. Yes, in a glass combined with other vegetables, which can give you satiety, boost your detox, cleanse your intestines and, of course, lose weight. Simply follow the recipe.


  • Two cooked eggplant
  • One lemon juice
  • 1 glass vegetable milk (may be oat, soy, etc.)
  • One tablespoon chia seeds
  • Sweetener allowed to taste.

Cook the two eggplants, completely whole until cooked by boiling. Cut them in half, remove the pulp and placed inside the glass of a blender, once they are cold. Since the raw eggplant can fall wrong and be a little rough. Add the lemon juice, vegetable milk, chia seeds and stir until ingredients are fully integrated, forming a homogeneous good shake.

Now, to take in breakfast, before having consumed anything else. So, you’ll fill your body from early in the properties of this smoothie. It has fiber chia, the eggplant, the benefits of vegetable milk, lemon detox touch and many more properties. It can be very helpful if you have constipation problems or if you need to eliminate retained liquids. And it will fill you with essential nutrients, the kind that you need to be with all batteries.

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