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Eat every three hours and slim fast

If you make any diet to lose weight, you have seen that one of the most common indications is to eat 6 times a day. This in one of the most nutritional suggestions repeated in recent years. The reason is very simple, if you eat every 3 hours, skinny faster. If you are interested to know why this suggestion is good for losing weight, you just have to read this article and find the answer.

eat every three hours

Diets to lose weight in a balanced way have evolved throughout history, thanks to scientific research who has studied how it works the body from food. In addition to choosing foods low in calories and fat, it is important to distribute these foods throughout the day.

Today advised that food is distributed into 6 meals a day, every 3 hours. Why? Well, the body burns daily a certain amount of calories for its metabolic activities, such as breathing, blinking, talking, etc… These metabolic activities are also eating.

That is, when you eat you spend energy, as you need to process your food. So the question is what happens if you eat every three hours, low calorie foods? Reality is that by eating several times a day, your metabolism is activated and uses more energy. If you add to this that you eat foods that are low in calories and fat, the energy balance is negative, that is that, you will burn more calories than you consume, so your body will need to take energy accumulated fatty tissue, and thus lose weight.

If the situation were otherwise and you skip meals or eat only 2 or 3 times a day, your body rather than accelerate, slows down to conserve energy. In this way, the energy used for the different digestive processes drops, and also seeks to conserve energy or calories that provide the food.

If you consider this information, you can tell it is advisable to eat six times a day, every 3 hours. This suggestion should be complemented with adequate quantity and quality of food that you eat. So keep in mind that you should choose foods low in calories, high in fiber and low in fat.

If to these suggestions, you add daily physical activity; your weight loss will be greater and faster.

Remember that, in a healthy diet you need to have regular medical checks.

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