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Does honey fattening?

When you start a weight loss regimen, you have to replace some foods high in sugar, fat and calories, others not so much of these nutrients and do not provide as much energy; and one of these foods is sugar.

honey fattening

Therefore, it is essential to find substitutes for this food. While there are numerous sweeteners, you can also count with the honey, but before adding to your diet, you should know whether it fattening or not.

Sugar is a food that has many substitutes for the diet to lose weight, both natural and artificial substitutes, such as sweeteners.

Within these sweeteners, honey is, but it is important to have in mind if this is fattening.

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Does honey fattening?

  • If you compare the calories of sugar with honey calories, the difference is not as significant as sugar brings 400 calories/100 gm compared to honey provides 320 calories/100 gm. In terms of calories, this is somewhat less.
  • While its calorie content is not much different, if it is the nutrients that brings the honey. It contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins that give you properties that sugar does not have. Actually white sugar contributes nothing more than calories.
  • Furthermore, the glycemic index of the honey is 87, is slightly less than the sugar is 100, since it contains glucose in its chemical composition.

In conclusion, we can say that honey fattening if you consume more than 2 teaspoons a day, otherwise it is better than sugar or artificial sweetener, as it provides other nutrients that may favorably influence health, just keep in mind that your should be controlled.

You need to have in mind that these two teaspoons of honey should be counted within the total daily calories. Two teaspoons of honey (about 15 gm in total) equals 48 calories. This two teaspoon can use it to sweeten an infusion or skimmed milk, or you can smear it on bread with light grain.

If you suffer from morbid obesity or have a very overweight, it is ideal to consume honey with some weekly frequency, not to add many calories to your diet. However, if you can not eat sugar and sweeteners do not like, you can opt for honey as a natural substitute for diet.

Do not forget to check with your nutritionist or doctor about whether you can add honey to your diet.

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