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Does fermented milk serve to lose weight?

The use of fermented milk diet is taking a great relevance in recent years, due to the variety of diets to lose weight today and nutritional shift that is taking to lose weight.

fermented milk

The fermented milks also known as milk kefir have wonderful properties for your body, but before preparing and test must know a little more about what is lactic fermentation and its difference with other similar foods.

What is lactic fermentation?

Let’s start with the first thing: what is lactic fermentation, also known as bacterial fermentation. It is an anaerobic cellular process in which bacteria, fungi and protozoa are used, where glucose is used to obtain energy and as waste is lactic acid (which were originally sugars).

Among the most popular fermented foods you can find cabbage (kimchi), pickles, yogurt, tempeh and some meats like salami.

Are fermented milk and yogurt the same?

It is common to confuse the fermentation of yogurt with milk, since that pass through similar processes. But let’s start by saying that these are not the same.

Although by definition yogurt is a fermented milk, although those currently available on the market are pasteurized and after undergoing a fermentation process of live bacteria undergo a heat treatment that destroys microorganisms.

A homemade yogurt that goes through a fermentation process is fermented milk, but the one you find on the market does not contain bacteria, therefore it should not even be called yogurt and much less fermented milk.

The current chain of consumption and the need to produce more and faster has made the process of fermentation of yogurt has been modified to the point that the yogurt we eat today is not the same as that of a few years ago.

But do not worry, it is possible to carry out the fermentation milk, just follow the steps to do it correctly.

Fermented products for weight loss

As you know, the fermentation milk can be used in the most diverse food and some of them are more than recommended to incorporate in diets to lose weight. These are the 4 fermented products for slimming that you should try.


Although it is not advisable to abuse the same, fermented cheese is a delicious and healthy option to lose weight. Although it contain fats and calories, the trick is to control the portions because its contribution of proteins and mainly its ability to accelerate the metabolism thanks to its calcium content.


Beyond the discussion about whether it is a fermented product or not, any type of yogurt is recommended in diets to lose weight. Although if you prepare yogurt or buy handmade fermented yogurt you can take advantage of all the properties offered by the bacteria it contains.


Similar to water kefir, rejuvelac is a very popular enzymatic water these days. As its name implies it has rejuvenating properties and in addition it helps to regenerate the digestive system. Its preparation is based on grains and cereals, making it very popular in vegan and vegetarian diets.


This Korean dish is based on cabbage, pepper, garlic and onion. It acts as an antioxidant and also helps control cholesterol, cleans the intestines and provides vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. It does not have many calories and it is a very nutritious food.

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