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Differences between soluble and insoluble fiber

Surely we’ve heard more than once about the benefits of fiber for weight loss. We will know that it is good to move the belly and debug the body to absorb and drag grease with it and also for its satiating effect, among other things. But all kind of fiber is the same? Of course not.


There are two main groups of fiber, soluble and insoluble. While both cases good for weight loss and each has their respective roles, worth knowing what the end which has each of them and in which foods we can find them.

These are the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber:

Soluble fiber: Soluble fiber is mainly composed of substances such as gum, pectin and mucilage. All are of vegetable origin and can be found in fruits and all kinds of vegetables, which are detailed below. Its main function is to delay the absorption of glucose and carbohydrates. Generates satiating effect and also acts favorably for the generation of intestinal flora, and thus has an end tract. It must be the most consume fiber throughout the day, above the insoluble. It is not the kind of fiber that is recommended if we want to fight constipation. Soluble fiber can be found in apple, citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc..), legumes, whole grains (oats, spelled, barley) and many more. Do not hesitate and incorporate daily in good quantities.

Insoluble fiber: This fiber, insoluble, has as main characteristic being that mobilizes the intestinal transit. Through it, which is mainly composed of cellulose and lignin, can activate the digestive movement, thus achieving a more successful debugging process and also to combat problems such as constipation. We can also find it in virtually all vegetable. It is in the shells of seeds, in some legumes, cruciferous, in mushrooms and in many other things. Its name insoluble fiber comes, precisely, can not degrade in the same way that the soluble fiber. This is why you will eliminate virtually the whole. Being able to absorb water, helps keep the stool softer and louder.

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