Diets that add weight and not lose weight

If you’re dieting and your weight can not lose, it is important to know that there are diets that do not help to lose weight and instead, add weight. Why? In this article you will find the answer.

diets that add weight

Not always the results of a weight loss program are as expected, and you can not lose weight. To ensure that this does not frustrate you, it is important that you have in mind that you can happen this by carrying out these diets.

Sometimes there are diets that instead of losing weight, add weight. One of the common mistakes that are committed to generalize diets, i.e. many people conducts the same diet.

It is important that you consider that every person has a different metabolism. Two people can do the same diet; one can lose weight, while the other not only lose weight, but increases.

Moreover, it is common to think that if contribute very few calories with a diet, over weight go down. The reality is different, very restrictive diets can cause the opposite effect, and that metabolism down, and keep the fat is mobilized for energy.

Keep in mind the excess of exercise. Physical activity is essential to lose weight, but if done in excess can compensate for this (without realizing it), with an increase in food intake, so that the balance can be neutral (not lose weight) or can be positive (gain weight).

Eat light foods in excess, can be counterproductive. These foods can be helpful, but if you consume too much thinking they are light, you can abandon your diet and promote gain weight. Light foods are modified their original formula, which may have more fiber, less fat, more protein, etc., but its amount of calories may be equal to the original food. Clear example of these foods are sweets, jams, breads, etc.

If you have in mind these tips, you can be eating a diet that helps you lose weight, on the contrary you may be making a diet at some point can increase your weight.

Therefore, the best advice is that if you’re overweight or obese, talk to your doctor, he perform a analytical to establish how your health and if there are other causes that may be causing overweight. Once established the possible reasons, it is important that make one single dietary therapy that fits your needs and your body.

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