Diet to cleanse the colon and reduce belly

If you want to deflate and reduce abdomen, cleansing diet can be a natural alternative to cleanse the colon. Eliminate toxins from the body is important not only so that its performance is optimal, but the diet you make is to be more effective. Through colon cleaning can reduce the abdomen and deflate, and for that you need to make a special diet.

cleansing diet

A cleansing diet has many benefits to the body, helps to cleanse the colon, remove toxins and prepare the body for deflate and lower abdomen.

Sample diet to cleanse the colon and reduce belly

Breakfast: 1 cup celery smoothie. 1 yogurt with a teaspoon of oatmeal.
Mid Morning: 1 cup artichoke infusion.
Lunch: 1 cup cold water. 1 portion green leafy sour salad and mango. 1 fresh fruit.
Snack: 1 yogurt with a teaspoon of chia seeds.
Mid afternoon: 1 cup liquid purifying of aloe vera.
Dinner: 1 cup of cold water. 1 Portion grilled fish with lemon and a slice of carrot pudding. A portion gelatin light.

The objective of colon cleansing is to prevent and treat constipation. Achieving this helps deflate and reduce abdomen. While there are commercial supplements that can cleanse the colon, there are diets that can achieve this effect.

This diet provides active principles that stimulate intestinal transit and promote peristalsis. While this example may be useful diet to deflate and reduce the abdomen, keep in mind that colon cleansing can cause certain side effects such as diarrhea, loss of minerals and fatigue among others.

Note that you should not do this diet for more than five days, to prevent any of the aforementioned side effects. Once this diet, it is important that you make a balanced diet low in calories.

Remember, the best diet is one that is designed and controlled by a doctor or nutritionist.

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