Diet for overweight and hiatus hernia

The hiatus hernia or hiatal hernia is a condition in which a portion of the stomach protrudes into the chest. This hernia while it is treatable, and in some cases need surgery, is associated with different risk factors, one of them being overweight.

treat hernia hiatus

The first symptoms of this disease are associated more to reflux coming from the stomach itself. If you have excess weight, to treat this illness it is necessary that you slim.

It is to say that losing weight get two good goals reduces one of the major cardiovascular risk factors, such as obesity and diminish your reflux and heartburn in the stomach.

To accomplish both tasks, you need to make a diet with special characteristics.

Characteristics of the diet to treat hernia hiatus and overweight

  • You should choose foods low in fat and prepare meals that meet this requirement. Fats remain for long in the stomach, which can cause reflux and inflammation of the gastroesophageal mucosa. That is, you must choose skim milk, low-fat cheeses; you should restrict the consumption of whole egg, especially hard (worth clarifying that you have no problem with daily consumption of egg white). Moreover, you should choose lean meats with no visible fat and use oil as a condiment and not only as a means of cooking.
  • On this diet you should be careful with the fiber, as this also remains long in the stomach, thus may cause excess acids pass into the esophagus, through the stomach. So you can get the benefits of fiber to lose weight, but at the same time without further damaging your hiatal hernia, you must modify the fiber by cooking. This wants to say that, you will cook all your vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating whole grains and whole seeds. In the case of seeds you are able to grind, until dust, and in the case of vegetables that are high in fiber, you can let them cook over the account and make puree (hummus, mashed beans or mashed lentils). If you want to get your vitamins from citrus juices (orange, mandarin, grapefruit or lemon) diluted (the ratio would be 50% juice and 50% water).
  • As for meat, you should avoid cooking them too much. The crusts that form on the outside of the meat can irritate the stomach and cause reflux. Therefore, cook your meat at mid point.
  • You can also use certain natural treatments that will help you reduce the reflux and inflammation characteristic of this disease.

On the other hand, there are other food guidelines to help you lose weight and treat hiatal hernia.

  • You need to eat slower, chew your food thoroughly. Note that the digestion begins in the mouth, so the more you chew food, less long will the food in your stomach and therefore decrease reflux.
  • Avoid drinking while eating, as this may provoke reflux.
  • Eats small amounts several times a day. This habit will help you lose weight both as to treat hiatal hernia.
  • Don’t forget exercise, since not only help you increase your metabolism, but will be able to release nerves and energy; which is beneficial both to reduce anxiety as the nerves that can also lead to inflammation of the hernia.

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