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Detox foods to lose kilos fast

If you want to debug your body to lose a few kilos quickly, it is important that you know some detox foods to help you achieve naturally.

We sometimes forget that it is not necessary to use commercial products to purify the body, as there are detox foods that can help you to detoxify naturally.

detox foods

Detox foods are an excellent resource for improving cell function, the use of fat for energy and eliminate toxins that may impair health.

Detox foods to lose kilos fast

Green leafy vegetables: These vegetables have a high fiber content that helps sweep toxins and waste that may interfere with our weight loss process.

Garlic: Garlic is used as food for improving combustion of fat metabolism and balance.

Fruits: These are not only fiber (especially in its peel or skin) but provide antioxidants that improve cell function, thus preventing the formation of free radicals.

Fish: This food of animal origin has compounds that promote body detoxification. These natural substances improve combustion of fats, reducing the harmful effects of free radicals.

Seeds: The seeds help eliminate body toxins and provides nutrients that have antioxidant effects.

Alfalfa sprouts and soybean: These foods contain active compounds that improve digestive functioning, helping to purify the body naturally.

If you include these detox foods to your daily menu not only lose weight, but will help to debug your body naturally. It is sometimes necessary to perform a detox diet before starting a low calorie diet. The aim is to prepare the body to respond better to the diet.

Remember that diet is essential for weight loss. It is not necessary to perform a restrictive diet to lose kilos. If you hold a balanced diet, which are present in these foods, you can reduce your weight and prevent diseases directly related to obesity.

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