Cucumber diet: Slimming and detoxifies the body

If you are thinking about losing weight and want to do it in a healthy and fast, do not miss the cucumber diet. This vegetable has special properties that detoxifies your body and allows you to lose weight. If you want to know how to take advantage of these properties, do not miss this article.

cucumber diet

The cucumber is a vegetable with very low calorie content and a high percentage of water. This feature makes it an appropriate food to consume, if you’re thinking about losing weight.

The high percentage of water gives you satiety and, furthermore, is refreshing. Moreover, this is a vegetable rich in potassium which stimulates the removal of fluids, and high percentage of fiber that promotes intestinal transit. Both benefits allow you to detoxify the body and lose weight.

These are some of the benefits of cucumber to lose weight; so that you make use of them appropriately you can realize the cucumber diet.

Sample cucumber diet that slimming and detoxifies the body

Breakfast: 1 cup of green tea. 1 sliced cucumber. 1 fresh fruit.

Mid Morning: 1 portion of light gelatin.

Lunch: 1 cup cold cucumber and celery soup. Brown rice salad, tomato and carrot. 1 fresh fruit.

Snack: Cucumber and basil detox smoothie.

Mid afternoon: 30 gr. almonds.

Dinner: 1 cup cold cucumber soup. 1 serving of grilled fish with 2 slices of roasted pumpkin with basil leaves.

This is a sample menu that you can perform for a week, keeping the breakfast, cold cucumber soup and blending. You can change other foods that don’t get bored and don’t give up the diet. Try to respect the portions (these should be small or medium) and groups food (choose a cereal portion of vegetables at lunch and one serving of meat and vegetables at dinner).

If you are not used to consuming fresh vegetables, make sure to get the processed cucumber to prevent seeds can give you diarrhea. While it is important to tell you, the cucumber has protective substances of the intestinal mucosa.

Include fresh vegetables in the diet is essential for the diet is effective and fast, so take advantage of the properties of cucumber.

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