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Contraindications of Jamaica flower for weight loss

While Jamaica flower is a plant that has wonderful properties to help you lose weight, it is also true that it has some contraindications should be considered.

Jamaica flower

It is estimated that it is quite safe, but excessive consumption may bring with it certain disadvantages. It is matter of seeing what these adverse effects to know when it comes to its consumption. In this article you will find out.

These are the main contraindications of Jamaica flower:

Reproductive problems: Excess consumption of Jamaica flower could cause inconvenience in both men and women. In them, spontaneous abortions. In them, low sperm count.

Low pressure attention: If you are hypotensive, you must be careful with the anti hypertensive effect that has this plant.

Etching effect: To be a diuretic plant, the prolonged consumption of this plant could generate a certain mineral deficit in very important for the health as the potassium or sodium. It can also generate diarrhea because it has cleansing properties and slightly laxatives.

Allergic reactions: As with most plants, consumption of Jamaica flower might cause allergic reactions in people with a sensitivity unknown to it.

Although side effects of the Jamaica flower would not be fully demonstrated, as with any plant, should not abuse it. Take rest periods in hibiscus consumption might be a good idea.

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