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Chicken pie for Dukan diet

Chicken is one of the main options for all those who are doing the Dukan diet. This type of protein is often very important in this regime. For this reason, you just have to keep trying different variations you can think and not get bored. This chicken pie is great, as well as being light, it can be cooked up in the microwave.

chicken pie


  • 500 grams of chicken lean (breast)
  • One onion
  • One pepper
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Three boiled eggs
  • Vegetable spray
  • Salt, pepper and spices.

Place chicken, either milled or processed with the crusher, in a bowl. Add chopped onion there, like garlic and pepper. Then it is seasoned well with salt, pepper and spices that you like. Mix well. No need for egg, because the chicken and its gelatinous consistency in crude oil will help to keep everything together easily.

Spread half of the mixture on a rectangular container and deep, previously sprayed with vegetable spray. Then, place the whole boiled eggs. Top with remaining chicken mixture and above, if you wished, you can even cover with a slice of smoked turkey or ham. Bring the oven until cooked or can even cook in the microwave.

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