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Chew well and Slimming

There are many eating habits that can help you lose weight. Some of them, such as chew well and eat slowly is easy to implement and can help increase metabolism, burn fat and lose weight. If you need to acquire new and well food habits, do not miss this note.

chew well

One of the recommendations that are made when you start a diet is chewing food thoroughly. This suggestion has a physiological basis, produces many benefits that increase metabolism and burn fat.

When you chew the foods eat are making the first digestion, since in the mouth there are enzymes that degrade certain nutrients that are part of these foods. If you don’t eat slowly, this digestion does not occur properly and start with digestive problems, which can lead to swelling and some extra kilos.

When you eat slowly, you feel satiety faster as stimuli are sent to the brain, promoting a feeling of fullness. This means that if you chew well, eat less and therefore fewer calories aporias your body.

When food comes into contact with saliva, triggers a series of stimuli in the entire digestive system that promote digestion in the stomach and the passage of food into the intestine. In this portion of the digestive system food passes more quickly if the digestion is good, stimulating intestinal transit and eliminating substances that enhance the constipation and weight gain.

If you do not chew sufficient food this process, which details you, is incomplete. Digestion becomes heavier and constipation occurs. The entire digestive system, including the liver and gallbladder are hurt.

According to the people who follow macrobiotic diets and naturalists, it is essential chew every bite between 30 to 50 times. The important thing is to reduce each mouthful of food into very small particles, so that the body performs well digestion, better use fats and sugars for energy, and eliminate all those substances that do not need. The result is the correct chewing, favors the digestive health, the combustion of fats and weight loss.

If you become aware of what you eat and how you eat, your connection to the diet will be much easier and more favorable results, which will be reflected in the balance.

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