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Cardio to lose weight and reduce waist

To lose weight and reduce waist, it is important to perform cardio exercises. These exercises should be chosen by those who need to burn fat, reduce inches and lose centimeters in a more rapid and effective way. If this is your case, do not miss these exercises.

Cardio to lose weight

The cardio exercises are characterized by the increased use of oxygen, which provides more benefits to the muscles of the heart and lungs. While these benefits may improve cardiovascular health, also provide other properties, such as burn fat, lose inches and reduce waist.

From a combination of three aerobic exercises you can create a routine in which you’ll get all these results.

Cardio routine to lose weight and reduce waist
Before starting this routine should perform stretching exercises to preheat. This warm up should last between 10-15 minutes. Once you’ve done, starting with this cardio routine.

  • First, place a mat on the floor. Put yourself on the side; lift your body, leaning on your left arm and leg. Meanwhile, the right arm will fold and feat back of the head. Once you’re ready, start the exercise. Take the left leg toward the center until you reach the elbow of the right arm. Leg left and right arm will be in the center. This movement will repeat 7 times.
  • In the second exercise, you should have on hand a stool or platform where take to move up and down with the legs. The arms should keep them straight. This exercise can be repeated 10 times. Once you have, you start with the third and final activity. Perform the same exercises as the first but in reverse, i.e. you lean on your arm and right leg so that your left arm and right leg are in the center. This exercise can be repeated 7 times.

This series of cardio routine can do between 3 to 5 times per day. If you want to increase fat burning can incorporate 30 minutes of walking or 15 minutes of tape.

Note that it is always necessary that a person trained to guide you in your cardio exercise, so you can lose weight and reduce inches.

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