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Capers: low calorie snack to suppress hunger

If these slimming surely you know that, it is important to have light hand snacks to help curb anxiety about food. Well, capers are a low calorie snack that has these properties.


Capers are part of the Mediterranean diet and are usually eaten as an appetizer or snack. If you are in the process of losing weight, you can include them to your diet due to its nutritional characteristics.

These features not only favor nutritional weight loss, but help you suppress hunger, calming anxiety about food.

Why capers are a low-calorie snack which suppress hunger?

  • Its have a high percentage of water. Of 100 gr. capers, almost 84 gr is water. This is important, not only because it reduces the caloric content, but because the water content provides satiety.
  • It provides few calories. 100 gr. capers provide only 23 calories. This allows you to eat more and satiate your appetite, since in many volume the contribution of calories is very low.
  • It contains fiber. This fiber (3.2 g/100 g of capers) also has a satiating effect, in addition to help you debug your system.

In addition to these nutrients that take your hunger and slim, capers contain vitamin C, zinc and magnesium have an antioxidant effect, which also enhance the combustion process of fats.

While you can include capers in your emergency kit against anxiety by the food, keep in minds that are rich in sodium. For this reason, it is suggested that wash capers to remove sodium from them. To do this, just place them under water for just a minute. This will not only be capable to lose weight, but to reduce fluid retention and blood pressure.

Remember that, in a healthy diet it is important that you make a balanced and harmonic diet. This not only enables you to lose weight, but to control other diseases associated with overweight, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension and fatty liver.

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