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Can you lose weight with pedometer?

Have you used or know someone who has used the pedometer? This measurement tool can help you lose weight steps. But, how? That is what you will find reading this article.

used pedometer

A pedometer is a small device, the size of a digital clock that is can be very helpful in losing weight. Why? Does it work over the body? Not directly. Do it have any secret miraculous? Not at all. But better read this article and find out why it can lend a hand to lose weight.

What is a pedometer?

It is a small device (which is also economical since it costs no more than about 10-15 dollars), which acts recognizing the impact that the foot makes on the floor and counting the number of steps you take per day. That alone, something like a device that takes the statistics you’ve walked the length of the day.

How is it that helps you lose weight?

As you’ve seen, the pedometer does not make you extra work nor it is an exercise machine itself. So how that is can help you lose weight? According to a study published by Stanford University in 2007, said the fact only carry this device, made people more active.

“To my surprise, this little device showed that those who had increased their physical activity around 2000 extra steps a day, which means a mile a day. However, there is still much to achieve the required quota of exercise”, said Dena Bravata, one of the responsible for the work.

How can use it to lose weight?

It’s very simple. First, try to do what you do every day, on a common day, and counts the number of steps you took at the end of the day. The next day, purpose of increasing the share of steps you took, go out walking and see the end of the day on how much you increased. Thus progressively challenges you can assign. Now if your body can not be more or feel it is too, at least try to stay on a stable figure. So you can even try with the diet of the steps.

It is seen that those who use it, as noted, significantly increase their walking ability, if only for the fact of walking with the appliance on and know that this, in a way, you are “controlling”. In addition, there should be no more economical exercise, healthy and the scope of all that a good walk. For this reason, perhaps you’ll serve.

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