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Can not lose weight? Avoid these 5 mistakes

If you feel that you tried all that is within reach and yet you can not lose weight, maybe you should keep in mind that there are 5 errors or obstacles which may prevent you from losing weight.

prevent from losing weight

Diets are not always guaranteed success, what may appear on a diet very well diagrammed and designed, in practice it may not work. So what to do? Well, first do not get discouraged, and then keep in mind that you can avoid 5 errors.

Five obstacles that prevent from losing weight

The goal is not clear. If just aim to lose weight, it is a mistake. It is important that you set short goals to achieve the ultimate goal. For example if you need to lose 10 kilos, you need to program how many grams or kilos lose per week and what will you do to lose them, i.e. diet, routine exercise and other alternative therapies as a complement to lose weight.

Choosing the wrong diet. If you want to do the diet that your friend/or has served, you may be making a mistake. Each person has a different metabolism, not everyone loses weight in the same way and at the same rhythm. So if you want to lose weight, it is important that a person specializing you perform a diet specially designed for you. On the other hand, the medical supervision is essential because if you walk into a plateau can perform special changes for you.

Auto ride. Never said to yourself, a little ice cream or chips will be no problem. Probably yes, but a little can mean a lot more than you think. The sugar in food and/or food products directly influence weight, almost without realizing it. Therefore, choose small portions and if you want to give a taste do it!, But in a measure form, but it is preferable to avoid the temptations.

Prejudging food. Sort foods into good and bad is not correct. The balanced diets are not only effective, but are the healthiest. If you’re dieting you can eat cereals, bread, dessert, or drink sodas or alcoholic beverages. The problem lies in the control. If you choose small portions equivalent to small plates and cups, replace regular sodas by light sodas and restrict alcohol consumption to two cups a week, do not have to get them out of your diet.

Thinking that physical activity is not important. If you think you can achieve your goal without physical exercise, you’re wrong. Physical activity is a fundamental pillar to lose weight and achieve both the small targets, such as the most important objective is to lose the required or desired weight.

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