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Calories in Sugars

How many calories does sugar have?

The sugar is synonymous with simple carbohydrates. Moreover, it is the fast-absorbing carbohydrate par excellence. An injection of direct energy, available in just a few minutes.

To the extent that the sugar is practically 100% carbohydrate, its calories are equated with it. That is to say one gram of sugar has 4 calories.

But … how many calories are in a tablespoon of sugar? Which has more calories coffee with sugar or sugar-free candy? Find the answers in this article.

sugar calories

Sugar Calories

Sugar calories are not worth what it weighs. It is not in fact caloric content which converts to sugar in an attack to your diet, but the rapidity with which it enters to the blood stream, increasing glucose by stimulating the release of insulin and becoming an insatiable monster.

For this reason, sugar and sugar products in general, are very addictive and should you remove it from the diet, if you will not be able to control its consumption. You can choose between no-calorie sweeteners, some substitute to sweeten your tea and prepare your desserts.

How many calories does a spoonful of sugar have

Do you need a better reason to opt for some sugar substitute? Then, pay attention to this small and caloric example:

  • A simple teaspoon sugar added to your infusions provides 5 grams of sugar that is 20 calories.
  • If you add two are 40 calories.
  • If you drink 4 infusions on the day you’ve added 160 calories.
  • In one month, these are representing 4800 calories.
  • Approximately, 660 grams of weight of more or less in the scale, according to has been your choice in the last 30 days.

From this information: what do you think? What has more calories a coffee with sugar or sugar-free candy?

Substitutes for sugar

Sugar substitutes are the alternative, if you want to continue eating sweets and you are on a diet. Below you will find some of the sweeteners with reduced calorie and among which you can choose.

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Stevia powder

It is without a doubt, the healthiest natural sweetener you can choose. It has a great sweetening power and its calories are zero. On the other hand, if you have problems with your blood glucose level, stevia can help you control your sugar values.

Brown sugar

It is more digestible and nutritious than refined sugar and provides 25% fewer calories than this. While it is healthier than ordinary sugar, keep in mind that it is not calorie-free, so if you consume it in excess, you are likely to gain weight.

Saccharin sodium

Although it has no calories, saccharin sodium has its disadvantages. In principle, it is an artificial sweetener of metallic flavor. On the other hand, it cannot be used for cooking. It also has contraindications and side effects that you should know, since that could seriously affect your health.

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