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Calories from watermelon

Fruits have a very important role in a diet to lose weight, especially some that, by its composition, are considered negative calorie foods. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the properties to lose weight in the watermelon, it is important that you know how many calories it provides.


The watermelon is a fruit chosen to lose weight. It is commonly found as an ingredient in smoothies, milkshakes and slimming juices. Even, we designed a diet based on this fruit, which can help you to debug or detoxify. In addition, you can use other properties of watermelon, its characteristic of being a negative calorie food.

The watermelon not only provides few calories, 30 calories/100 grams but providing fewer calories than the body spends to digest and metabolize this fruit. For this reason it is known as a negative calorie food.

One of the active ingredients of the watermelon is fiber, which influences for your digestion and metabolism is a little slower. This causes the body to spend more energy for processing. Therefore the calories provided by watermelon will be less than the calories the body spends on its metabolization.

Moreover, watermelon has high water content, which is why helps to reduce hunger, increase your satiety.

It is important that you know that watermelon is also a diuretic food because of its high potassium content. This property also helps you lose weight because it purifies and detoxifies your body naturally.

Surely you know watermelon, but now that you know these slimming properties, you know a little more. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of its nutritional virtues, consumes daily watermelon, either in breakfast, desserts, smoothies, or snacks.

Watermelon is a fruit that can consume combined with other, similar properties, such as melon, pineapple, apple or pear, among others.

Remember, 5 fruits a day will helps you lose weight and reduce various cardiovascular risk factors (dyslipidemia, hypertension or hyperglycemia) in a healthy way.

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