Brussels sprouts for slimming

If you feel like splashing out the vegetables and want to get the most out of them to remove fluid and lose weight, it is important to know the vegetables rich in potassium. One of these vegetables are Brussels sprouts.

brussels sprouts

The Brussels sprouts are a variety of cabbages similar to the cabbage or the cauliflower.

This plant has many beneficial features, so you can remove excess liquid and lose some extra kilos. This vegetable is rich in potassium, a mineral that stimulates kidney function and increases the diuresis. This effect can help to combat fluid retention.

Moreover, Brussels sprouts with low calorie food which is fit to eat to lose weight. Moreover, this plant provides high volume low calorie, which is beneficial to suppress hunger and reduce anxiety.

Also, the Brussels sprouts contain a high percentage of antioxidants that not only enhances the activity of the cells and the combustion of fats, but that would counteract the action of certain toxic substances that could become cancer cells, in certain organs of the digestive system (liver, stomach and colon).

Brussels sprouts bring many benefits in the body to lose weight. So do not miss the opportunity to incorporate them into your diet and get all its slimming properties (cleansing properties, diuretic, satiating properties).

Sprouts can consume in different ways: in salads, cooked grilled, soups or smoothies also.

Brussels sprouts have many benefits for to lose those extra pounds that bother you so much, but please keep in mind that if you suffer from intestinal problems, you must consume them cooked, since it can cause intestinal gas and inflammation.

Diet is one of the fundamental pillars for the treatment of overweight and obesity, so it is important to know the properties of the foods that can help you achieve your goal of removing excess liquid and thin.

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