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Brown Rice Salad for Dukan diet

Surely, if you’re doing the Dukan diet, the subject of such grains and carbohydrates will make you a little uneasy. But you’ll have some freedoms when it touches you the optional meal or the consolidation phase.

brown rice salad

To eat something tasty, succulent and not get out of line, well you can consider this brown rice salad. Perfect to have many things in one dish, without go to something too caloric.


  • A cup of precooked brown rice
  • A boiled egg
  • A slice of cooked ham
  • Some pickles
  • A little chopped chives
  • Oils
  • Salt and pepper.

It does not have too many mysteries this brown rice salad for Dukan diet. Just have to put the previously cooked rice in a container suitable for salads. Add sliced pickles, ham into strips, chopped egg and spiking with a slice of onion, to give a little more flavor. Spices, of course, with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

So, you have a perfect recipe for free food or the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet. This salad is a dish that is perfectly suited to the task of giving something satisfying, with hydrates, but healthy and with many other properties, in addition to be complete.

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